Another day, another blog post

So, I just realised that one/he/she/it/hee hee is not actually allowed to misspell on the blogosphere.

You have to work quite hard to put a deliberate misspell out there.

Just tried to write ” nother day, nother blog” and it became “Another day mother”

As noother reads this shirt, it does not matter. (All on purpose, in case you are wondering)

This was supposed to go VIRAL. Robbie Williams.

So yesterday I spent hours learning how to blog. Then, I blogged a bit, then……Nothing. Hahaha silly old me. I mean I thought I would get say 10 views and one really sarcastic comment. So far the field is totally arid which brings me neatly to explain my personal expression for nothing, zilch, nada.

Did you know that a few years ago Gary Barlow got some BE? Can’t remember which one, O M or C. But he got one. And Robbie did not. Unbelievably unfair, right Robbie? So, since then, in our house if we want to say “nothing”, we always call it a Robbie or a Robbie Williams. We even try to get the accent, which in our house is pretty funny. One Glaswegian who has been trying to posh up her dialect for, oh 45 years; and one “Slardi vardi var” Seen the Muppets?

My point is, that Robbie may not have Robbie when it comes to royal awards. He is however adding to her language. Well done Robs.

And today I used this genius expression for the benefit of nobody but myself. Come on universe, not for me but for Robbie.

Actually, Simon must be pretty pissed off tooπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Going to do this. Right Katie Hopkins? Erm could you give us a leg up?

Look Katie, I know you have a big career to protect. But a little reverse mentoring can’t harm. OMG I think I just invented a new concept. Reverse mentoring!! There are millions of us bayboomers already dying of BOREDOM or even worse, fatal gardening disease.

And well love I am 64 so any damage could only be short term right? My hubby (swedish) and I have followed your career from first appearances on morning TV.

By the way, what do you think? Is it more embarrassing to be British or Swedish? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

And we almost always find ourselves nodding our little grey (or bald) heads. ( Guess who has which Thank you God!)

Been sad you were pushed out of a few fora.

Can I help, and by that I mean earn some cash, by expressing some older lady opinions? Would love to. Have time, can spell……….

Whose God is best?

I had no God for 60 years. Kept looking but could never find a God who made any kind of sense. But, I wanted God, always. Every day I would look at my tiny bit of this unbelievable world and of course, know that it was no accident. But no church I ever entered, and I entered quite a few, could ever deliver up a God who made sense. To me. In my tiny bit of this tumultuous, amazing Matrix?

I come from Glasgow,(Scotland) and by pure chance, which of course it was not, I found my GOD in the Swedish Costa Del Sol church

Hubby is Swedish. Son of a preacher man. Never expressed any interest in church, ever until he retired 12 years ago. Never mentioned God except on a couple of sex related moments. ( Does that qualify as #Me too? or 3? Or too fast??)

Honestly, cynically I thought it was just fear. But one Sunday I thought I could do something nice for him and go to Church here on the Costa.

So we went to a service where the priest Mikael talked about God…. as you choose him/her/it/them (πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š)

And quantum physics, and Donald Trump, and if you can send yourself 20 years ago a letter

And that, my friends for me was GOD, GOOD GOD, Oh My God. And all the others. And suddenly there was, and is, every day, a God living in my heart. Thank You.

Shoom bayboom

Well, as many say, God works in many ways. So, just to get this on the record. 50 50, me and G. K? G?

SHOOM IS A FUCKING GREAT WORD. I do not know how many days it will take for you to see this. But, you invented it, and I told you I CAN write SHOOM every day. Indefinitely